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Retro Vermeil Adjustable Ring

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The Vermeil (pronounced vur- MAY) Collection features dainty, minimalist, stackable rings. It is made of premium gold finish on a high-end Sterling Silver.  While vermeil should not be confused from a real gold, it is a fantastic option if you want to build a collection of high-quality jewelry without the pure gold price tag. This entire ring collection is resizable, may be worn per piece or stacked, has classic designs and can be perfectly paired with any other accessory. 

*Ring starts at Size 6. To get the fit that you need, please stretch the ring out by carefully sliding it through your finger until it forms your actual ring size. Too much force will make it snap. 
Material: Sterling Silver
Accent: None
Size: Adjustable
Style: Stackable
Color: Gold Vermeil
Care Instructions: Sterling Silver will tarnish over time. But with proper care and storage, it can last a long time. To preserve its quality, wear it regularly and wipe clean after use. Keep away from moisture and harsh chemicals.