What materials are used in your jewelry?

  • Our Gold-filled jewelry has an outer layer of either 14K or 18K real gold. It is pressure bonded to the brass metal making it extremely durable and tarnish resistant. There should be at least 1/20 (5%) weight of solid gold for it to be considered gold-fill. We get our materials and findings from North and South America where there is abundance in gold-fill. This is the closest alternative to pure gold at a fraction of a price. 
  • Some of our handmade pieces are made up of Gold-plated stainless steel.
  • Each product has a description where you can see whether it is Gold-filled or Gold-plated.

Are all your products Nickel Safe and Lead Safe?
Yes. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all our products conform to International, European and American legislation regarding lead, nickel and heavy metal content. The metals used are regularly tested by the manufacturer to ensure compliance with these laws, thereby making it safe to wear.

Will my jewelry tarnish?
With proper care, our pieces should last for a long time and remain tarnish resistant. Please refer to our Jewelry Care Guide.

Is my jewelry waterproof?
Yes. However, we still recommend avoiding unnecessary contact with water and other liquid substances. Excessive contact with abrasive chemicals may cause it to wear down or dull its shine. 

Is my jewelry hypoallergenic?
Yes. We are very particular in this aspect and ensures that we only use materials that are generally safe for all sensitivities. 

Is your jewelry safe for young kids?
Yes, it is safe. Our daughter wears our pieces every day. However, we do not recommend it to be worn as their first earrings right after piercing.

Do you only offer gold jewelry pieces?
We love gold and we think they are very classic and versatile. However, there are a few silver pieces you'll find in some of our collection. 

Where do you ship from?
Our home studio is located in Alberta, Canada. Currently, we only do in-person markets and online buying portal. 

Do you ship worldwide?
Right now, we only ship within Canada and the USA. We are working hard to go worldwide in the future!

Do you accept returns and exchanges?
Yes, we do for some items but it is subject to our terms and conditions. Please review our Return Policy